Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's a bright, sunshiny day....

....and we've been everywhere today!  We started with breakfast at the Crackerbarrel, which is always a great place to take Caris.  Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of the blueberry muffin that was quite literally as big as her head.  There's always much fun to be had with crayons and the little toys they have on the tables.  She even ate yogurt with a normal sized spoon and didn't end up with it all over her,  which is a feat itself.  Then we went down to Lowe's to buy...well, I'm not sure what we originally went for, but we ended up with a VeggieTales herb garden starter set, and two sunflower and one pumpkin starter sets.  Then it was off to Sam's to find a wall mounted hand sanitizer thing, but of course, they don't have these. We ended up with diapers, some outfits for Caris, and a hugely huge back of oranges.  After this, I tried for Starbucks, but compromised for The Apple House instead.  We have some lovely greenhouses around this area, and The Apple House is one of them.  There weren't too many flowers out yet, but I did bring home two raspberry plants.  One is a golden raspberry, which I'm eager to try!

As soon as we got home, we just had to start Caris' herb garden!  She now has three little pots of parsley, and three of basil, along with her sunflower plants.  They are now sitting in a prime location in the green house, and we'll check on them daily to see if they sprout!  Then it was the planting marathon that I decided to partake in instead of doing homework.  Seeds needed planted, and I had missed Caris' inaugural visit to the greenhouse while in class yesterday.  Today, she helped put dirt in flats, and helped me plant some herbs.  She's a good little helper, and is going to be a country girl without a doubt...she was playing in the rocks and dirt, and was covered in dirt!  So now we're napping, well..she is, I'm not.  It's been a great day after a crap week.  I don't feel the slightest bit of guilt for not doing homework all day long.  I'd rather play in the dirt.