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I've often wondered why a particuar friend seems to always try to take advantage of my usually good nature.  She never suceeds, but she keeps on trying.  Perhaps it's just me?

To further the annual can and freeze sessions, I have just bagged 4 quarts of zuchinni that needs to make the trek down to the deep freeze.  Next up (when I get up off the couch) is to shred some for freezing, and to probably make zuchinni bread before Dave decides to attempt this himself.  The food processor we borrowed looks older than me, but I am assured it still works.  With baby asleep, I'm going to wait until later...perhaps until Dave gets home.

I think I thought of a new recipe to use some of this produce we have lying around.  I think if I took chicken breasts and sauted them in white wine, then took bite size pieces of zuchinni and yellow squash and sauted them with onion in white wine, then add garlic at the end, and then toss it all together, it might be pretty tasty!  I could add some tom… we're canning....

.....and the canner is canning away at the moment.  Dave has picked 5 plastic grocery sacks full of green beans in the last few days, and I am tired of snapping them!  We still have 3 more bags to go!  I'm looking foward to freezing them...much, much easier than canning...I hope.

At the moment, hearing the "pop" of the seals on the jars is exciting enough.  It's always a bad day when nothing "pops"!

A few years ago, we decided that it would be a great idea to make homemade gift baskets to give to our family at Christmas.  Included were several jams, butters, conserves and our own homemade wine (okay, it was from a kit, but whatever, WE still made it!).  Everyone loved them, well....except for the relatives that didn't drink alcohol.  They thanked us kindly for the rest as they handed the bottle of wine back.

So, it's July, and as I sit here watching Dave process green beans and hearing the seals "pop", I realized now would be perfect time to …

Oops! Time for catching up!

I have ignored my brand new blog!  School, plus expecting a baby has distracted me from blogging, something I intend to rectify!

So is here!  Caris was brought into the world via emergency c-section on June 1.  She was perfect- I was the problem.  But thankfully we are both healthy.  Now doc is wondering when I am to have the next!

Caris is wonderful, even when she is screaming her head off and I don't know why.  Everyone falls in love with her the minute they see her, especially when she was first born.  Being only 5lbs 6oz, she was tiny and just a handful.

School is done until August.  Two A's and one A-, so not bad. :)  I'm taking Poetry, Creative non-fiction and Intro to Theology next term.  Should be interesting.

Work....still sucks

So at work, we are all being interviewed by the director of HR and the CFO in regards to how our boss runs the office.  It's no secret my boss is an ass, and I can't find it in myself to feel sorry for him, and probably won't.  I've never worked for someone so arrogant in my entire life.  While we were grilled with questions about the goings-on in the office, he was in his office laughing on the phone as if he had not a care in the world.  I would be terrified. Idiot.

Not a surprise here......

Romantic Novelists vote Richard Armitage Sexiest Thing On Two Legs

Now, this comes to no surprise to me.  I will easily admit that in at least three of my own stories, Richard and his good looks were the inspiration for the leading male character.  It's not hard to figure out...tall, dark hair, amazing blue-grey eyes, and a killer smile.  It's formula, really.  He can go from modern to period easily, just change the language and the clothes a bit.  Of course, he is an amazing actor as well.  My first discovery was in North & South, and since then I've seen everything he's been in, with the exception of only a few.  He's a true versatile actor, as well as a decent person.....and NOT just a sex symbol.  What other actor sends his fans messages, even if know it's through a "spokesperson"?  For me, the first message I read from him encouraging his fans to give to a charity instead of sending him a Christmas gift did it for me.  Just imagine all the go…

So I took a deep breath and.....

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="127" caption="Caris' Baby Book"][/caption]

....started writing in Caris' baby book today. I had been putting it off, mostly out of fear I guess. It's the same thing with buying baby stuff. I took the leap and bought clothes and a blanket, but nothing else yet. But, it's Saturday, and with nothing else to do other than update my baby registry (homework? Oh yeah....), I started it filling in the blanks. I have a picture of me and Dave to put inside in the proper location, a sonogram picture already stuck inside, and am debating on what sort of picture to put in the family spot. I have no other children....would a picture of pets be okay? LOL! They are our family and our children at the much I get irritated at them at times.

I hope she likes it when she's old enough to read it...

A new blog.....

Since I tend to create blogs and then never use them, I hesitated greatly in creating this one. However, more and more these days I find I have lots of stuff on my mind that just needs to get out so other stuff can get in. Hence, this blog.


Hello world!

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