Sunday, February 8, 2009

Not a surprise here......

Romantic Novelists vote Richard Armitage Sexiest Thing On Two Legs

Now, this comes to no surprise to me.  I will easily admit that in at least three of my own stories, Richard and his good looks were the inspiration for the leading male character.  It's not hard to figure out...tall, dark hair, amazing blue-grey eyes, and a killer smile.  It's formula, really.  He can go from modern to period easily, just change the language and the clothes a bit.  Of course, he is an amazing actor as well.  My first discovery was in North & South, and since then I've seen everything he's been in, with the exception of only a few.  He's a true versatile actor, as well as a decent person.....and NOT just a sex symbol.  What other actor sends his fans messages, even if know it's through a "spokesperson"?  For me, the first message I read from him encouraging his fans to give to a charity instead of sending him a Christmas gift did it for me.  Just imagine all the good that has been done because of this simple request?

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