Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of the year...

So tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, a pretty busy holiday at my house.  I’ve been hosting a party since around 1997 or so, give or take a year.  They started out as booze-soaked shindigs that ended with kisses at midnight and champagne showers.  Over the years we’ve done many things: played games, standing in a circle on the eve of 2000 naming off things we remembered about the 1900’s, written down what we wanted to forget about the previous year and burned it over a fire-pit, etc, etc.  Slowly, it’s evolved from being full of alcohol to slowing down and being about getting together for food, games, and a few drinks.  Then the group started having kids, and it became a little less rollicking, and more sedate, but still fun.  This year is no exception.  By my count there will be at least nine kids there, five or so under the age of five.  It should be interesting.  I wonder if there will be anyone here besides us at midnight?

Does this mean we’ve gotten old?  *gasp*

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The joys of teething...

I stayed up late last night, engrossed in a e-galley about seducing a governess (The Sound of Music, anyone?) and didn't realize just how late it was until Caris began to cry.  Seeing that it was almost 11pm, I turned off all the lights and went to calm my screaming toddler.  When I realized that laying her back down with her precious blanket wasn't going to do the trick, I scooped her up and plunked her into bed with us.  (Please, spare me the lectures about having a toddler in bed, and how they'll never sleep in their own bed.  We have to sleep at some point, and can't while she screams for an hour.)  Usually this is a sure-fire way to get her back to sleep, and it seemed to first.  Then she began to toss and turn, whimpering and breathing like she was in pain.  The first-time mom brain in my head began to imagine all sorts of things wrong inside her little body, so I sat up and watched her.  And then she sat up and watched me.  Realizing my darling daughter was not seriously ill, only teething, I had inspiration.  45 minutes and a dose of baby Oragel and Tylenol later, and we're asleep, albeit fitfully.

5:30am came very early this morning, and even the daycare lady took pity on me when I walked in with an obvious headache.  Digging around in her magical cabinet, she withdrew a packet of pills that were to fix me up. And you know what?  They did.  That an 2 diet cokes, some peanut butter cookies, and a diet mountain dew later.

Monday, December 27, 2010

End of the semester wrap up...

You all knew it was coming...the much 'anticipated' school rant.  I call it a rant because despite the semester being over December 13th, I still do not have all my grades, which were due in the 20th, and because I don't have all my assignments back from two professors.  So far, I have two A's and one A- out of six classes.

The group internship was ridiculously unorganized, despite any attempt on my part to get it situated.  I finally conceded leadership to another student, mostly because none of them responded well to my tries to get us going.  This girl, who was very nice, had an annoying habit of waiting until a day before something needs done to let us know which parts we need to do.  They were all campus students, of course, with part time jobs and ample time to do homework.  Add to this a non-profit that also dumped content on us at the last minute...imagine my frustration.  The work--meaning building an entire website--was completed, and a manual for the computer-illiterate non-profit head.  I thought at the presentation we were done and I could move on from this nightmare, but then two weeks later I got an email from the non-profit...they had never received the manual.  This center has very strange office hours, and I had been trying to get down there while they were open to drop off the paper version, knowing that our group leader was to email the electronic version so if it took a while to catch them open, it wouldn't be an issue.  Well....she never emailed the manual, and my well over ten attempts to catch their office open failed.  So, I dug out my electronic copy, and put the paper one in the mail.  Talk about a cluster-fuck.

For my Women Writer's the class that I was so excited about...well, the reading material was good, that's about it from my vantage point.  I read six books and wrote two papers on each, for a total of twelve papers. As of today, I have six papers back with grades.  I only had two papers back at the end of the semester, so I emailed the director of my program.  I got four more papers after that.  I've been told I shouldn't worry, because there's probably nothing wrong with my assignments, but according to my syllabus, I have the option to revise one paper per book, and because of her slowness in getting the papers back to me, I won't have this chance.  I was told I could appeal my grade if I wished to.  Oy.

This isn't to say that all my classes were horrible- they weren't.  My Modern Literature class was amazing, and I read some really talented authors from all over the world.  My advisor taught this class, and he rocks so I expected nothing less.  My Images of Beauty in American Women, or what I like to call Feminist Training 101, was very interesting and an eye-opener, despite having to revise a research paper (oy).  The best experience of my semester was being on the Aurora staff.  I wasn't sure what to expect, and had high hopes.  I wasn't disappointed.  We met once a week to go over submissions, and made the ultimate decision whether or not they were to be published.  We saw a wide variety of work: poetry, fiction, non-fiction, photographs, artwork, and a lone political essay.  The faculty advisor for the Aurora was my former poetry professor, so I had a good relationship with her anyway, and it carried over into the discussions.  So far it is the best experience I've had being a college student.

During the course of my semester, multiple people told me "I don't know how you do it all" and I never had a good response to that statement...until now.  I couldn't have done it all if it wasn't for my hugely huge support system in the form of family and friends, who were willing to watch Caris while I went to a *shudder* Math class, or who gladly lent an ear, or laptop screen while I whined about the amount of work I had due, or a group project that I just knew was going to lower my overall grade.  I have a saint for a husband, who gladly watched Caris while I went off into another room and read or worked on a paper, never once complaining, but probably feeling a little stifled.  My thanks go to everyone for being there for me: in person, over the phone, or through cyberspace.  You are how I did it all.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

So Christmas is over...

...for this year at least.  We still have snow, and I'm sure at some point before it's gone there will be sledding in our front yard.  My living room is now full of toddler toys, and yet the associated toddler is absent at this very moment, being quiet in her room, which usually means she's into something she shouldn't be.

These past fews days I have had my picture taken with a Fischer-Price camera that giggles, put together a kitchen, flushed a toilet in a Little People house, fried a pizza in before-mentioned kitchen, drank imaginary coffee, did imaginary dishes, listened to blogposts from a dog named Violet, played with a bug, built the Weebles a treehouse, got the crap scared out of me by a rumbling dump truck, pulled a pink plastic wagon full of Megablocks, and have been forked by a plastic play fork.  That is by no means a complete list, of course.  At this very moment I am being made a hamburger with plastic lettuce.

But other than that, I'd say it went well, despite my last minute rush to get things done.  I always say I'm going to plan better next year, and then it never happens.  *sigh* I guess I'm destined to be exhausted every Christmas!

So I had the good intentions of moving all my blogposts over here, and after realizing just how much of a pain in the you-know-where it would be, I opted to not move them.  So, here is the link to the previous blog:

And welcome to my new one!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Mobile blog....

This blog will be moving as soon as I can find the time to move it!  It will be over at Blogspot, mostly because I'm not a fan of the themes here at Wordpress.  No offense, Wordpress....just not my style!

Will update soon!