Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of the year...

So tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, a pretty busy holiday at my house.  I’ve been hosting a party since around 1997 or so, give or take a year.  They started out as booze-soaked shindigs that ended with kisses at midnight and champagne showers.  Over the years we’ve done many things: played games, standing in a circle on the eve of 2000 naming off things we remembered about the 1900’s, written down what we wanted to forget about the previous year and burned it over a fire-pit, etc, etc.  Slowly, it’s evolved from being full of alcohol to slowing down and being about getting together for food, games, and a few drinks.  Then the group started having kids, and it became a little less rollicking, and more sedate, but still fun.  This year is no exception.  By my count there will be at least nine kids there, five or so under the age of five.  It should be interesting.  I wonder if there will be anyone here besides us at midnight?

Does this mean we’ve gotten old?  *gasp*