Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Clown Car

Reminder: All of These Republican Candidates Are Horrible

I saw this article posted on a Facebook wall this morning, clicked, and found myself nodding in agreement almost immediately.

See, I didn't watch the entire GOP debate last night.  I was too busy channeling my inner Van Gogh at Wine and Canvas (ear still intact, thank you very much!).  I only caught the last part of it as I got ready for bed.  I don't feel that I missed much at all, though.  Thanks 24 hour news on almost every channel....

First though, let me say that I am more of an independent who agrees with a lot of Democratic policies.  I did vote for President Obama in both elections, and I am fine with my vote.  Did he do everything he said he would?  Of course not!  Do any of them?  NO.  Politicians make promises during the campaign that they try to push through, but cannot for whatever reason.  Partisan politics, whiny senators who go out of their way to block legislation, bad deals, whatever.  The point is, nothing new here to see.  Get over the color of his skin already!

Anyway, back to what I wanted to write about!  I do not feel as though any of the Republican candidates represent who I am as an American. I have yet to hear any of them discuss the issues that are important to me in a manner in which leads me to believe they represent anything other than their own interests (and the interests of those who line their pockets or pay for their campaigns).  There is a reason why running for elected office is called public service.  You, the candidate, are here because you want to represent the public.  Not Koch brothers or special interest groups that give you millions of dollars, THE PUBLIC.  I'm tired of hearing about Iran from the war hawks (geesh, I think all but Rand Paul could be considered a hawk at this point), about defunding Planned Parenthood (hello, you give billions to Isreal and they allow access to abortions!), and how the Affordable Care Act is so completely horrible it is ruining our country.  So those friends I have that could actually get healthcare once the ACA took effect, and those patients who could obtain their medications without compromising putting food on the table, that's ruining the country, eh?  It makes me want to scream!

At this point in time, the candidate that comes closest to representing me and my views is Bernie Sanders, but he's even a stretch for me at times.  Even though I did agree with Rand Paul on a few things last night, he quickly reverted to his bat shit crazy self so I wasn't worried.  I can't stand to listen to Scott Walker drone on and on about how it was so great that he defeated the Unions in Wisconsin.  Ask someone from Wisconsin how they like their Governor, and you'll hear a different story.  All I can think about while he talks is how he stripped his state of education funding.  As s future teacher, that is a HUGE red flag for me.

Donald Trump has yet to say anything of substance, despite his lead in the polls right now (which scares me for the future of our country....people love him, and yet he says nothing.  WTF?), and he's incredibly offensive.  He is not someone I want sitting at the negotiating table with foreign leaders.

Jeb (!).....oh dear.  I don't think I can take him seriously after he welcomed our former state superintendent of schools Tony Bennett (who destroyed public education in Indiana) with open arms.  All I hear when he speaks is the Charlie Brown teacher with snippets of "my brother kept us safe" , "common core" and "I'm not my brother."

And Mike Huckabee.....supports pedophiles and would probably try to mandate a national religion, which is, by the way, against the US Constitution!

Ben Carson seems to be a nice enough guy, until you hear what he's said about climate change, gay rights and marriage, and sending our people to war.

I can't even begin on the others....they're just way to "out there" for me.

We the people.....

Constitution Center

Yay for Constitution Day!  On September 17, 1787, the Founding Fathers of our nation signed THE most important document in the history of our country.  This document created the framework of our government and the rights and freedoms we have today.

If I had to choose another subject area to teacher other than English, it would be Social Studies!  Maybe one day I'll try to pass the educator exam...

But until then, allow me to nerd out on Constitution day facts!

The day was created by Senator Robert Byrd passed a bill believing we should celebrate the day this important document was signed, and learn about its origins.  He also wanted to ensure the our nations upcoming generation were taught about this important document.  The bill mandated that schools that receive federal funding must teach their students about the constitution.  WIN!

The Constitution museum this year is honoring the 150th ratification of the 13th Amendment which brought about the beginning of the reconstruction era.  This was a pivotal point in our history!

The Constitution museum has what's called a "hall pass", which allows you to watch all sorts of videos from years passed, and those that focus on a specific part of the constitution.