Thursday, September 17, 2015

We the people.....

Constitution Center

Yay for Constitution Day!  On September 17, 1787, the Founding Fathers of our nation signed THE most important document in the history of our country.  This document created the framework of our government and the rights and freedoms we have today.

If I had to choose another subject area to teacher other than English, it would be Social Studies!  Maybe one day I'll try to pass the educator exam...

But until then, allow me to nerd out on Constitution day facts!

The day was created by Senator Robert Byrd passed a bill believing we should celebrate the day this important document was signed, and learn about its origins.  He also wanted to ensure the our nations upcoming generation were taught about this important document.  The bill mandated that schools that receive federal funding must teach their students about the constitution.  WIN!

The Constitution museum this year is honoring the 150th ratification of the 13th Amendment which brought about the beginning of the reconstruction era.  This was a pivotal point in our history!

The Constitution museum has what's called a "hall pass", which allows you to watch all sorts of videos from years passed, and those that focus on a specific part of the constitution.

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