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No words...

I find myself without adequate words to describe what has happened in the past week.  What started as a simple arthritic problem for Blitzen ended up taking her life.  A week ago, I never once thought she would be gone today.  I watched Piper get progressively worse for a few weeks, but I knew it was coming.  With Blitzen, though, this was a hip problem, and it would be easily treated.  I didn't expect her to deteriorate so quickly this weekend, and to not be able to walk or eat at all. 

Last night was horrible.  She was restless, and whining.  After moving her into our bedroom, I hoped her pain meds would kick in, and she'd be able to sleep for a while.  After a trip outside (where she could not stand) and a few laps of water, I settled her down on the floor, kissed her head, and told her to get some sleep.  At some point around 3am, I noticed it was quiet, and hoped she was sleeping.  I think in my heart I knew she was gone, but my sleep-deprived brain didn't register t…

Because I Love Cameras....

So...I'm going to enter a photo challenge...

....I'm not sure if I'm a glutton for punishment or what, but I saw this post on The Pioneer Woman (amen) and figured I might as well give it a shot.  Goodness knows I could use some improvement!

If you're like me, and love to take pictures but could use some pointers, or a challenge to motivate yourself, check out the MCP Project 12 Challenge!

A New Year, and New Goals!

Last year, on this very same day, I wrote a similar post. Clickie  These were my goals last year:

1. Keep up with homework, without sacrificing myself.
2. Don't let things stress me out so much (see #1)
3. Get out more...with husband, friends, me and baby...doesn't matter who.
4. Read more!  This may contradict #3, but the list of books read this year is pathetically small.
5. Strive to be positive, and avoid being negative, and avoid those around me who insist on negativity.
6. Take my lunch more.
7. Get to work earlier.
8. Post a blog at least three times a week when out of school, and once a week while in school.
9. Write more, and finish at least one started story this year.
10. Give more.

Yeah....some of these didn't happen.  But, I can happily say some did, for the most part.  

1. Well, I did and I didn't.  During the first semester, we lost Piper and I got behind while taking care of her in her final days, and moreso after she passed and I dealt with my grief.  Th…