Sunday, February 13, 2011

Copyright, schmopyright....

I usually do not have any problems with Walmart.  I see them as a necessary evil, and so I do shop there for groceries, etc.  I'd rather have a Target, but I digress....

So today I went to Walmart to print out some pictures for Dave's Valentine's Day present.  My dear friend Sara, who is an excellent photographer, kindly took pictures of myself and Caris at my house a few weeks ago.  Today, I went to Walmart to have these printed, so I could frame them for Dave.  When I arrived, I was asked for a release to reprint the photos.  I was confused, as these prints were not taken at a professional studio, but in my living room.  When I explained this to her, I was told I could not have my pictures unless I had a written release from the photographer.  Umm...excuse me?  After explaining again that these were not from a studio (to which the guy standing next to her said "they're studio, they have to be") I became a little angry.  The girl waiting on me was rude from the beginning, and this other person accusing me of lying sent me over the edge.  In the nicest way possible, I explained again the situation, and was then asked if I had the memory stick.  As I handed this to her, she then told me that wasn't good enough.  Okay....I just gave you what you asked for, and you refused it?!  Having been pushed to my limit already, I contacted Sara to explain the situation, and she then spoke to the person at Walmart.  Finally, I was given my pictures, having been required to sign a release that would be good for one day only.  After all their threats about Fuji possibly fining me, I finally told them I would gladly speak to them if they had any questions.  The thing is, if they would have taken the memory stick they asked for, they would have seen the original pictures, and the evidence that the photos were clearly taken in my living room.

So, any photo you have printed at Walmart is subject to their judgement of it being studio or not.  They make they call, not you, and will refuse to hand over your prints if you do not have the proper releases for copyright purposes.  This means the amazing you shot you got in your kids' bedroom, that might have a white background, could be taken as studio, regardless of what you tell them.

Needless to say, I won't be utilizing their photo services again.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

One week in....

....and I'm already behind.  This is not my fault, however.  I have only one class that I can actually do homework in, and that would be my film class.  The textbook for my ethics class has not arrived, and my professor for Shakespeare has had a power outage due to the storm, and cannot send me the syllabus because it's on her desktop computer.


So technically I'm not behind.  It's still worrisome, however.

New look...

In defiance of the continuous winter weather we keep having, I have changed my blog look to something flowery and summery.

Take that, Old Man Winter!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ice, ice, baby!

So the adventure began Monday night when it began to rain.  As night fell, that rain turned to freezing rain, and proceeded to cover everything in sight.  Tuesday was mostly uneventful, until the sleet began later in the evening. After making an emergency pot of chili, we spent the evening watching the electricity go off and on, waiting for the  moment it would go off and not come back on.  That happened at 10:55pm.  *sigh*  Power outages don't bother me too much, because when you chose to live in the country, you have to learn to deal with these things.  What I don't like is power outages during the winter, when the temperature outside drops into the single digits.  That's what we were facing today.  We emptied the contents of our fridge and put most of it outside in a sheltered place so it wouldn't spoil.  After the genius idea of using our ice-covered gas grill burner to heat up lunch, I kept adding wood to the upstairs fireplace, and checking the thermometer to see it never get above 60 degrees.

After checking up on the status of our power, and hearing it was going to be Friday before it came back on, I seriously considered braving the roads to head to my parents house, which had never lost power on the other side of the county.  Then, a ray of sunshine in the form of a Duke Energy truck could be seen in front of our house.  Those wonderful men told us it would be a few hours at the most.  It was less than 2 hours, and power was back!  I've never been so happy to have electricity in my entire life!  Power outages during the summer are easy to deal with if they're short in duration, but winter?  No thanks!

So now, here we are...power back on, it's all warm and toasty inside, I'm on my full charged laptop and not pecking away on my phone.  I can safely say in my 35 years of living in this area, I don't remember any winter storm being this bad, and I hope we don't have another one any time soon.  There are still so many people without power; our county was the hardest hit in Indiana.  The low tonight is 2 degrees, and I hope those still without power will be okay.