Saturday, July 18, 2009


I've often wondered why a particuar friend seems to always try to take advantage of my usually good nature.  She never suceeds, but she keeps on trying.  Perhaps it's just me?

To further the annual can and freeze sessions, I have just bagged 4 quarts of zuchinni that needs to make the trek down to the deep freeze.  Next up (when I get up off the couch) is to shred some for freezing, and to probably make zuchinni bread before Dave decides to attempt this himself.  The food processor we borrowed looks older than me, but I am assured it still works.  With baby asleep, I'm going to wait until later...perhaps until Dave gets home.

I think I thought of a new recipe to use some of this produce we have lying around.  I think if I took chicken breasts and sauted them in white wine, then took bite size pieces of zuchinni and yellow squash and sauted them with onion in white wine, then add garlic at the end, and then toss it all together, it might be pretty tasty!  I could add some tomato and perhaps pasta to make it fuller.  I might have to experiment with this.  If it works, I could freeze all the ingredients (except the chicken) together and just take it out of the freezer when needed.  I might be onto something here!

As I was sifting through pictures yesterday, I decided I would attempt to make a scrapbook for Caris for each year.  Each year would end with the birthday, and each one would begin with the same birthday (except for the first one, of course!).  Hopefully I can make myself do this.

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