Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hanging in there...

I've not blogged recently, mostly because I've been busy with school.  Okay, overwhelmed with school.  But that came to a bit of a halt this past week.

One of our dogs, Piper, was diagnosed with blastomycosis, a deadly fungal infection.  She acquired this by breathing in a spore, which turned into an infection in her lungs.  My once powerful, and sweet German shepherd girlie is now a very sick, thin, baby.  It breaks my heart to have to tempt her with all sorts of foods to get some calories in her.  Today, nothing would induce her to eat but about five licks of gravy and meat.  Yesterday, she ate 4 eggs.  She still drinks, though.  Especially after I force peanut butter in her mouth and make her swallow.

I'm not naive enough to think she will come through this with flying colors.  If you followed the link above, and read the information, you know we're likely fighting a losing battle.  But, as long as she continues to make an effort to drink, and sometimes eat, and actually move throughout the house, come to the fence when I get home, and meet us at the door, I will continue to fight for her.  As a good and wise friend told me, she will let us know when it's time, and she can't fight anymore.

It's devastating, because when I was losing pregnancies, I had my dogs.  Piper would lay on the bed with me as I cried, or just slept.  She seemed to know I was hurting, and did what she could to ease my pain.  She's the sweetest dog I have ever had the privilege to have, and I hope beyond hope we get to have her around a little while longer.

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