Sunday, October 30, 2011

JDRF Walk!

Yesterday, myself, Dave and Caris walked in the JDRF walk in downtown Indianapolis.  Juvenile diabetes is an awful thing for a child to have to go through.  We walked for my friend Sara's little boy, Ryan, who was diagnosed at 2 years.  Thinking about Caris being diagnosed with something like this just makes me shudder.  Diabetes at any age is a horrible disease, of which insulin is not a cure.  More research needs done to discover a cure for this awful ailment.  I have an uncle with an insulin pump.  My grandfather had, and my mother has type II diabetes, and it's a daily struggle to keep blood sugar levels regulated, while living a normal life.  One my hidden fears is being diagnosed myself, since it seems to run in the family.  I was more than happy to hold a bake sale, and to walk for Ryan, and for the others kids who suffer from juvenile diabetes.  If you can, and care, please donate.  Ryan's Super Crew team page is here, or if you would like to just donate to the JDRF, you may do so here.

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