Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A distraction...

Why am I blogging instead of working on homework?  Well, I'll tell you why...

- It's almost 10:30, and I can't look at another page that was written by Henry James.
- I've decided I don't like Henry James.
- While I'm on this not liking kick, I'm not fond of Madame Bovary either.
- I don't like my literature class.
- I'd rather work on my Drama assignments, but I can't because I'm behind in the literature class.
- I do not have enough hours in the day.
- I really want to go to bed, but I feel guilty because I've not finished by assignment.

And...that's it.  Back to the nonsensical language of Henry James trying to review a French novel.  He. Makes.No. Sense. Whatsoever.

1 comment:

  1. Best of luck! I am happy that this semester most of what I am learning is stuff that I enjoy and have practical uses for. Makes putting in the effort so much easier.