Saturday, February 6, 2010

Baby Contests....they're everywhere!

So a few weeks ago, my mother asked if she could enter Caris in the Regis and Kelly Beautiful Baby Contest.  I entered this picture: because I didn't hear from her and wondered if she had changed her mind.  Then, she tells me she entered this picture: *sigh*  Both are fine, of course, but I hope entering her twice didn't cancel each other out.  Oh, and don't bother searching for her in the gallery of children's photos, because she's not there.  It does say it's random, but I was hoping, just a smidge, that she'd be there.

There's another contest that I discovered in the free American Baby magazines you get in the mail.  This one lets you enter 6 pictures!  Dear God, which pictures will I enter?!  My hands rub together in eager anticipation of the thought of going through the mountains of photos on the hard drive (because I AM the paparazzi, Lady Gaga eat your heart out!) and choosing 6! It will be impossible!

Am I a bad mom for entering my child in a contest that is based solely on how cute she is?  Am I promoting self-image over being true to ones self?  Should I shut up because Caris is 8 months, and won't remember that I poured over millions of photos of her, trying to find the best, most beautiful, adorable pictures of her?  Am I on the road to being one of those horrible showbiz moms that put their toddlers through spray tans, hair extensions and stage make-up?  Surely not!  I hope...right?

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