Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Snowy Rant....

I live in the Midwest, meaning we can go from 32 degrees and snow, to 50 degrees and rain with a drive of about 5 miles to the South. I'm used to the crazy weather here, and sometimes it's kind of nice, in a weird, Midwestern sort of way. At least we have all three seasons.

However, what is not nice are the people who drive 4x4 vehicles and think they are invincible. I drive a Honda CR-V, and no, it's not 4-wheel drive. It gets around well and I feel relatively safe driving my 8 month old around in slick road conditions. This only applies, though, when others aren't around me, specifically, the aforementioned 4-wheel drive drivers. Don't get me wrong, my rant does not include all of these people, but who it does include are those who insist on driving 50mph or faster on snow packed roads, and then when you aren't going their desired speed, they ride your bumper as you drive the normal 30-40mph speed. More than once I have found myself pulling over into the snow-covered shoulder while so and so blows around me, obviously relieved that I've gotten out of their way. It's not only irritating, but dangerous to others.

I used to drive a 4-wheel drive Jeep, and I know that when in 4-wheel high, you have amazing traction on snow-covered roads and are less likely to get stuck somewhere. However, I never drove in such a reckless manner on slick roads, nor road someone's bumper until they got the hell outta my way. I was cautious of myself, and those around me. Isn't that what we learn in Driver's Education? Wait, did all these people take this course? Umm....probably not I imagine.

Now, I have many friends who drive 4-wheel vehicles, and they insist they are driving safely at such speeds. However, being a passenger in one of these vehicles convinced me otherwise, so I simply nod and smile, not wishing to get into a silly argument about the safe speed to drive on snowpack. Winter will be over soon enough.

Oh wait, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow, didn't he? Crap.

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