Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Chemicals a no-go....

Lately I've been a bit anti-chemical, and I'm not sure what triggered this feeling.  It may have been the No-Poo blog post, or my trips to the Downtown Farmer's Market.  All I know is I've been cringing at every shampoo and baby wash label I read.  What ARE we putting on our skin, the largest organ we humans have?!
In regards to baby wash, it's much, much worse.  I look at what I currently have in the cabinet for Caris, and I want to throw it all away.  The only exception is the bar of Hugo Naturals Baby soap that I received as a gift from my wonderful long distance friend, Diane.  Even products claiming to be natural, with the exception of the Hugo bar, contain chemical after chemical!  I had switched Caris over to Aveeno, but I've discovered all that did was add oatmeal to her bath products.  UGH!  Not that oatmeal is bad, of course, but that seemed to be the only thing that made it more natural.  I did a little research and after a Facebook discussion about baking soda and vinegar techniques, and checking the cosmetics database for hazardous chemcials, that gift of a little bar of soap and a froggie to apply it with has now started something. 
Then I think about my own hair and skin.  At 30, my flawless skin decided to rebel and break out dramtically.  At 35, it's still a problem.  I'll find a cleanser that takes care of the problem, but the minute I buy the second tube, the problem comes back.  *sigh*  I've spent tons of money on cleansers that claim to do this and that, and all leave me with the same problem.  So now I'm wondering if it's the chemicals in what I'm using that are the true culprits.  So, I've been searching for new stuff for me as well.  I love LUSH, and I really want to try their shampoo bars very soon.  Sadly, the closest LUSH is in Chicago, and while I really don't need an excuse to head up to the Windy City, going for shampoo probably isn't reason enough.   So, I will choose with the help of a few friends (thanks Jenn and Manda!) and place an online order while crossing my fingers.

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