Monday, August 2, 2010

The Childishness of others....

I seem to be in a ranting phase, so please forgive me. I'll try to post something of substance this week....

On another message board, (see the bigger fish a few entries earlier) I was included in with 3 other people on a birthday thread. People can post birthday wishes, etc. One person, an admin for that board, and someone who I thought was a rational, mature adult, decided to go onto this thread and wish everyone a happy birthday, but me. Seriously.

Now, I do have history with this woman, but it's been months and honestly, I'm over all that drama. But now in light of this, it kind of brings it back home for me. Anyone who reads this thread now knows this woman purposely left me out of her birthday wishes for some snarky reason. Was it really worth it? Anyone who looks at this thread knows this woman left me out, and I'm sure they wonder why. Did she think this would make her look good in the eyes of the members? If I was a member who knew nothing about the history, I would think it in poor taste. It's a birthday thread, for crying out loud! You may not like someone, but be a freaking adult!

You may wonder why I care, and honestly, I can't explain why I'm even writing this, except to work it out in my head. I can't seem to wrap my head around why this person would take the time to do this. However, I am resolved to think on this no more, as soon as I hit publish. I just needed to get my thoughts out in order to move past such childishness.

Now onto better things....

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  1. When the fishpond becomes full of piranahs, it's time to swim to brighter shores.