Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goals...not resolutions!

Alright, I've had nearly five people ask me what New Year's resolutions I've made, and they have all been surprised when I tell them none.  I just never do them because when I do, I never achieve them.  2010 wasn't a bad year, in fact, it was a good year.  I'm in a great new job, have a wonderful family, and am trucking away on getting my degree, with my ring being the big step back in March of 2010.  So, this year, I'm going to make some "goals" and post them here.  I am not calling these resolutions, because when I call them that, I set myself up for failure.  These are my "goals" for 2011.  They are completely random!

1. Keep up with homework, without sacrificing myself.
2. Don't let things stress me out so much (see #1)
3. Get out more...with husband, friends, me and baby...doesn't matter who.
4. Read more!  This may contradict #3, but the list of books read this year is pathetically small.
5. Strive to be positive, and avoid being negative, and avoid those around me who insist on negativity.
6. Take my lunch more.
7. Get to work earlier.
8. Post a blog at least three times a week when out of school, and once a week while in school.
9. Write more, and finish at least one started story this year.
10. Give more.

So that's list of goals.  I'm sure I'll add more as the year goes on!  We'll see what I've achieved this time next year!

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