Friday, January 14, 2011

The New Semester is Upon Me!

So today I received the schedule for my school return coming up in a few weeks.  This break has been way too short, and yet, I am ready to get started again.  This semester I believe will prove to be interesting, for many reasons:

Shakespeare: while I am not opposed to an entire class on Shakespeare, I will admit I am a bit intimidated.  And I have the same professor (Sister) from my Women Writer's class who I had so many problems getting my grades back.  I've already heard from a past student of this class with this professor, and the problems she had.  I hope beyond hope there are no issues.

Film, Culture, and Creativity: I can't wait for this class!  I have the same professor as I did for my images class, who so graciously allowed me an extra week to get my assignments in without paying for an extension.  I'm psyched for this one and I hope it is just as awesome as I hope it is.

Christian Ethics: Okay, my professor for this class is Mr. Collins, LOL!  All kidding aside, this isn't a class I chose to take, but rather, it's a requirement.  I have some issues with the words "Christian" and "Ethics" put together, so we'll see what this class has in store for me.  I kinda wish this was a campus class, only for the discussion.

Algebra: I'm told I have the best professor for this class, and I'm taking it alternative format, meaning it will be every other Saturday in April, and one in May.  Surely I can last this long?

So that's my rundown for the semester.  I'm still Managing Editor of the Aurora, and am currently drafting acceptance and rejection letters for the magazine.  I'm taking 12 hours this semester, and I hope with the Math being only in April and a little bit of May, I can get my other assignments done in a good amount of time and not be in fear of falling behind like I was this past semester.  *shudder*  I think I have a good mix of classes this semester, even if I am intimidated by an entire class devoted the the Bard.

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  1. This sounds like an absolutely amazing semester that you have coming up. I can't wait to hear what you think of your classes. The Christian Ethics class does have me curious. You'll have to let me know what you think. Luck and love!