Monday, January 10, 2011


Ah, so here we is go...the next big snow storm of the season is upon us.  This means the mass hordes will head to the grocery store to stock up on the staples of bread, milk, and eggs, as if that will save all of mankind from a snowstorm.  I only needed a few things of the non-staple variety, so with Caris strapped into the newly sanitized shopping cart, we headed into the mass of people frantic for food to ride out the storm.  There were moms trailing three or so kids, wondering around with carts so full not one more thing would fit inside; elderly women, their coats buttoned to their chins, Isotoner gloves on, picking through the jam to find their favorite; and elderly men, with mostly empty carts except for canned soup and frozen dinners.  There were people aisle was empty with one exception: the wine aisle.  Here I turned and stood for a moment, checking things off my list, out of the way of the mass mob vying for the last scraps of non-perishable food.  The wine aisle was a serene wonderland of bottles and wide open spaces.  An oasis of calm.  But alas, I could not stay there forever, and back into the foray I went to stand in line to check out.  Let's not talk about how long that took.

And then the fun begins in the morning, when I attempt to drive to work in all this mess.  I'm sure there will be another rant about 4-wheel drive drivers and their stupidity.  Stay tuned.

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  1. At least I attempted this without a child in tow. Kudos to you for making it to the checkout...with Caris!