Here We Go Again...

So I went to the doctor today.  Who cares, you might think to yourself...people go to the doctor everyday.

For me, going to this doctor in particular, makes my blood pressure skyrocket.  My OB/Gyn is a wonderful doctor, and I have Caris because of him, but my blood pressure rises because of the anxiety I always get when he starts wanting to do tests on me.  My paternal side has a strong history of cancer, in particular a great aunt had uterine, ovarian, and cervical cancer.  You can appreciate my anxiety, yes?  I obviously have no symptoms of that deadly disease, but all it takes is a fleeting thought of it to send me reeling.  The last several times I was in his office, it was happy, baby on the ultrasound visits, and talk of bed rest and delivery.

My reasons for going today are not a secret...I want Caris to have a little sister or brother.  However, I've learned from the past that it's best if I pay a visit to the doctor and get the prescribed cocktail of glucophage, baby aspirin, and prenatal vitamins.  The more prep work I do, the better chance of the aforementioned brother or sister.  Now I am to undergo a simple procedure to get me ready, and then it's game on!


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